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Lament of Irish Emigrant 1840
I'm bidding you a fond farewell my Mary kind and true, but I’ll not forget you darling , in the land im going to , they say there’s bread and work for all and the sun shines always there , but I’ll not forget old Ireland were it fifty times as fair “
- Irish Emigrants

Founded in 1889

The Brian Boru club was founded by a group of emigrants who had left Ireland in search of work over 130 years ago , throughout the decades it encountered many ups and downs but has always stayed true to its core promise “to promote Irish History, Culture, music, and dance.

The Brian Boru Club is now the oldest Irish Club in Great Britain and we hope it will remain vibrant and supporting 2nd and 3rd Irish generations to keep our traditions of Irish music, dance and culture alive for years to come. With your support it will, we very much hope you will support and contribute to your club in any way you can , and myself and the committee thank you for your support.


Golden Memories